What is a Smart Band?

What is a smart band

A Smart Band is an Activity Monitor that would be worn on your arm and is also known as a Health Band or Fitness Band. Its a piece of wearable technology that you wear on your arm, and often tracks your distance you walk or do an activity and how well you sleep.

As Technology grows, Smartbands are getting more and more tech put them, allowing them to do more. For example, most smart bands connect to your mobile device feeding information to an app on your mobile. This will enable you to keep a history of your activities and compare data. More importantly, this will help train you on how to look after your fitness level, and this is why it also called a fitness band.

This data that you store is also great for your doctor to see that you are not just sitting behind your computer but having a great walk with friends. Yes, you have guessed it, this is why its customarily called a health band.

Smart Band features:

  • Step Counter with distance.
  • Normally no display or basic display, but would have a button or two with lights that indicate status.
  • A vibration indicator to let you know you have a message on your mobile or an incoming call.

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