SmartWatch is wearable tech worn in place of a wristwatch on your arm. Usually, a SmartWatch has a touchscreen interface for daily use, while an app on your smartphone provides more features for management and the ability to make mobile calls, as well as biomonitoring for your health.

In this day and age, a SmartWatch is getting very similar to smartphones, with mobile apps, a mobile operating system, and Bluetooth connectivity. Some smartwatches function as portable media players, with FM radio and playback of digital audio and video files via a Bluetooth or USB headset. Some models, and even use LTE technology.

Internally hardware varies, most have an electronic visual display, either backlit LCD, OLED or Hologram and most have a rechargeable battery. Peripheral devices may include digital cameras, thermometers, accelerometers, pedometers, heart rate monitors, altimeters, barometers, compasses, GPS receivers, tiny speakers, and SD cards, which are recognized as storage devices by many other kinds of wearable technology.

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