ID107 Smart Fitness Band also known as the VeryFit 2.0 Review

IDO ID107 Smart Band

I was given this fitness watch for my birthday last year.  I’ve been actively exercising for a while now and a fitness watch was the obvious accessory to add to my gym outfit.  My general impression of this watch was overall good.  If you are only getting into the smart band idea, then the ID017 Smart Fitness Band is a good start.  It is smaller than some of its competitors and not only looks good, it is also comfortable to wear.  It comes in a variety of colours and it’s very affordable.  It is durable, which means that there are no worries of any damage to the watch, should you drop it.


Since it’s a small watch, I was pretty impressed with its features.  I must admit, I did not even come close to use all its features.  Here’s a list of my personal favourite features that the watch offers.

  • Heart Rate Monitor – It does not only take your heart rate during exercise but also every hour.
  • Step Pedometer
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Calory Counter
  • Distance Mode

Some of the other features include:

  • Alarm
  • Find Phone
  • Remote Shoot
  • Call and Message Alert

The watch offers a Normal Mode and Sports Mode. I only used the watch in Normal Mode as I could not quite get to figure out how the Sports Mode work, so I, unfortunately, cannot comment much on the Sports Mode.

Benefits of the ID 107:

I loved this watch.  It’s small and simple but does what you need it to do.  The app is very easy to use and provides very detailed information.  It is very easy to get the watch and app to synchronize when setting up.  It is perfect for someone who lives an active lifestyle.  I also loved the call and message alert function.  It really helped me when I’m shopping, to get a notification that my phone is ringing.  The battery life on the watch is pretty good.  I’m pretty active and on average I had to charge the watch 3 times a week at most.  It is also very quick to charge the watch to full.  I’ll estimate an hour at most, which is pretty good.

Negatives of the ID 107:

ID107 Smart Watch Very Fit 2

Even though I loved this watch, there were a few things that frustrated me:

  • If too far from the phone, the call and message alert does not work.
  • After having the watch for a year, the connections on the watch and charger does not make proper contact and makes charging very difficult.  I’ve reached a point where I was no longer able to charge my watch at all, which is really sad. I have found a charge cable on Amazon, so it is replaceable.
  • I have found, that as soon as data is stored on the app, it takes a while to sync with the watch when you want to update the data.
  • You have to sync the watch and app on a daily basis.  If you skip a day and say only sync it the next day, the previous day’s data will not be recorded on the app.

Side Note: They say that the watch is waterproof, however, I will not test it.  I would rather say that it is water resistant, so I would recommend that you do take it off when you bath, shower or taking a swim.

Like I’ve said at the start of this review, if you new to the smartband idea, I would recommend you start with the ID107 Smart Fitness Band.  My overall impression of the watch is very good and if it was not for the connectors on the watch and charger that made it impossible to charge, I would have still used mine.

Find the this Smart Band on Amazon:

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