Wearable Tech Manufacturers

Below is all the wearable technology manufacturers that we know about at this point in time, which a hand full play a role in providing and verifying the information on this website. If you are manufacturing wearable tech, please make contact so we can cover your devices.

More about us

We love tech, more so the tech that keeps us healthy and fit. For us, it’s about allowing tech to make life easier.

We have built this website to find and test all the wearable tech that is out there and let you know how well it actually works, where to buy it online and to keep you informed on the latest tech. Saving you from buying a product that just complicates life.

Leading the future

As more and more manufactures contact us to review and test their products we will continue to give you the insights you need to make a decision on what wearable technology fit your needs.
If you are a manufacturer, reach out. We would love to assist and display your products on our website.

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